About Us

Everyone wants a dream house. Most of us will spend our entire lives chasing that perfect home. But with a great house comes great maintenance.

Homeowners face tons of different housekeeping problems every day. Different types of floors need different types of cleaning solutions and tools. Glassware requires a different method of washing than china. Leather sofas have to be treated differently suede or fabric. What’s the best product to clean your windows for a streak-free shine? There are a million different housekeeping questions that you don’t even know you’ll have until you own a home.

Not only do you have the interior of the house to worry about, but if you have a lawn or garden, proper yard work is crucial to keep your property the stuff of dreams.Gardening is an extremely popular hobby, but it requires a whole other kind of knowledge, as well as a different set of tools to properly maintain.

So it’s not just enough to own that dream house, you also need to maintain proper upkeep for truly comfortable living.

That’s where we come in! Home & Fences is the one stop shop for any and all housekeeping questions. We do the research and sift through all the information scattered around the Internet. Our goal is to save you the time and headache of scouring the Internet trying to find how to get that red wine stain out of your carpet. We’ll cater to your housekeeping needs with information rich articles and guides to answer all of your home maintenance questions.

All our of advice articles and instruction guides are thoroughly researched to ensure we’re providing you with accurate information. We constantly update our website, adding more articles with new tips and information. Here at Home & Fences, we’re always ready to deliver the ultimate guides for housekeeping based on proven research.

Our bloggers spend countless hours researching home and gardening tips to bring our readers relevant and useful information. We’ll bring you all the tips, tricks, and hacks to keep your house perfectly cleaned and maintained with that brand new, fresh off the market feel. We also offer all the advice you need to keep your lawns and gardens freshly manicured and fresh as a daisy. And perhaps most importantly, we’ll recommend you the best tools and appliances to get the job done right!

For everything you need to know about home, lawn, and garden maintenance, come to Home & Fences. We’ve got you covered!

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