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Nutrient Reservoir Inputs for Healthy Plants

Author: Alexander Levine

Permaculturist & Regenerative Agri. Consultant

..With a background in construction, landscaping, & irrigation, Alex originally attended college for audio & film production studies. After two decades in landscaping, construction, & music, he came across the regenerative farm systems design field known as Permaculture. Immediately hooked, he devoured everything on the field eventually getting Certified in Permaculture, graduating from Rak Tamachat in Thailand. Then went on to study Applied Soil Microbiology & Microscopy in Dr. Elaine Ingham’s Soil Food Web School, as well as working on an industrial scale soil farm for a year. Musician, writer, & life-long skateboarder, Alex applies insights from the fields of Soil Microbiology, Keyline Design, Mycology, Korean Natural Farming, Holistic Management, & other regenerative farm planning techniques, ancient & modern. He currently resides in the San Francisco Bay Area in the US, where he is working on creating a food forest on twenty acres of land in the mountains of California.
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