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Bermuda Grass scalping

Scalping refers to cutting grass quite low, exposing the stems of grass. Bermuda grass scalping needs to be done at the beginning of spring(late february or early march) .After it’s dormant stage in winter, we see small bermuda grass sprouts coming out.

Many don’t scalp their bermuda lawns which is a huge mistake.

So, why do we need to scalp our lawn?

At dormant stage, bermuda grass turns brown.As soon as spring enters, you start to see small sprouts of bermuda grass starts to come out.But, the brown bermuda grass is still out there making your lawn look ugly.Besides, the brown bermuda grass is taller than those green sprouts making it hard for the green grass to come out.

You don’t want your lawn to get ugly, right?

That’s why scalping is done upto the dirt level so that you can remove that brown grass as much as you can.

If you are using a lawn mower, take it down to the lowest level.Look for some best lawn mowers here.

Tip- If you have a large lawn, then I would recommend you not to use a mower for scalping.Because that’s a lot amount of dirt and clippings.You could scout some lawn services for $200-$300.It’s wise to use lawn mower for regular mowing.Scalping requires your mower blades to touch the dirt which might have some small damages too.


There’s another tip too.

Don’t use fertilizers as soon as you finished bermuda grass scalping. Wait till April. Cold spell may come back so we don’t want to take any risk.

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