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Best Bermuda Grass Seeds for Texas

Jelena Maric
Agricultural Engineer

Selecting a grass species is a crucial part of the turfgrass management process. When deciding what variety to plant, you have to consider the climate and conditions of a place where you are planning to establish your lawn. That includes factors like soil depth or quality, amount of rainfall, type of traffic (lawns/golf courses), level, and frequency of maintenance needed for that particular area.

Some of the most popular varieties are:

  • Common - is a highly variable plant, typically responding to good management and growth under almost every condition. Common can be considered forage grass, turf, or noxious weed, depending on the location.
  • Guymon - has large stems capable of surviving with little water and cold temperatures. 
  • Giant - is a strain of common bermudagrass that grows more upright, less likely to form a sod, and has longer leaves, gentler stems, fewer rhizomes, and stolons.
  • Wrangler - is a cold-hardy and well-known variety that produces better cover during establishment season. Forage yields can be higher than those found in Guymon.
  • Coastal - is the most widely planted bermudagrass in the southern United States and Texas. It produces both rhizomes and stolons with exceptional longevity while readily responding to fertility and irrigation needs. 

Best Bermuda grass seed for Texas

Blackjack Bermudagrass seeds

It is perfect for the home lawn and sports fields. This cultivar is suitable for over-seeding an already established Bermuda turf with color and density. 

Jackpot Bermudagrass seeds

Jackpot is a variety that provides excellent performance and turf density; it has dark foliage, which makes it easier to grow in colder parts of the transition zone. Jackpot is an appropriate choice for those looking for a variety with an appearance similar to sprigged ones.

Majestic Bermudagrass seeds

Majestic is a cool-season grass that grows medium to deep roots, has good winter color, and improved tolerance for common fungus problems. It combines the hardiness of ryegrass with the rhizome characteristics of bluegrass to improve both aesthetics and wear resistance. 

Riviera Bermudagrass seeds

It is designed for premium turf grass applications, like golf course tees and fairways. It can also be used on home lawns with adequate resistance to the major pests of Bermudagrass- particularly in the US transition zone between seasons turfgrasses. 

Yukon Bermudagrass seeds

Yukon grass is known for its cold tolerance, and you can plant it further north than other Bermuda grasses without the winter kill. It has a long vegetative period before going into a dormant state in the winter months.

Best Bermuda grass seeds for South Texas

Latitude 36 Bermudagrass

It has great cold tolerance, as well as heat resistance. It also has a wide array of attributes necessary for a flattering lawn, including its beautiful texture and gorgeous color. It is used for golf courses and home yards.

Celebration Bermuda Grass seeds

Stunning aesthetic appeal and excellent performance has made Celebration Bermuda Grass a favorite among some of the most prestigious sports venues, such as golf courses or stadiums. It is also popular in home yards - particularly in Southern Texas. Its great developed root system allows rapid recovery above ground level. 

Tifway 419 Bermudagrass

Tifway 419 is fairways and athletic field grass that provides an excellent cushion. It tolerates more wear and better resists weed invasion in the winter months. It's the most widely used Hybrid Bermuda Grass in the South for Golf fields.

Best Bermuda Grass Seeds best for North Texas

Celebration Bermuda Grass is not only strong and wearable, but it also requires less mowing time than other varieties of Bermuda grass. It grows rapidly from rhizomes, has natural chemical resistances to help weed control, and can be reproduced easily without the use of seed.

TifTuf Bermuda is a dark green and low-water grass that thrives in both the front or backyards, as well as sports fields like baseball stadiums. It can withstand drought stress better than other varieties, while still maintaining color. TifTuf requires minimal feeding; once established it will grow very quickly without irrigation or fertilizers.

Tifway 419 offers the strength and durability needed for heavy use conditions, but also offers a beautiful look and feel. Its dense rapid spreading growth habit means quick recovery from injury, making it one of the most durable hybrid bermudagrasses around. Tifway 419 tolerates close mowing.

Common Bermuda Grass is a popular option for creating a new lawn. It requires low maintenance and aggressively grows, making it harder to maintain weeds in the grass patch. Common Bermuda Grass goes dormant during the winter months due to colder weather conditions.

FAQ on Bermuda Grass Seed

  • What is the highest quality Bermuda grass seed?

Some of the highest quality Bermuda grass seeds you can grow in Texas are: Oasis, Blackjack, Yukon, Arden 15, Riviera.

  • Does Bermuda grass grow well in Texas?

Bermudagrass grows very well in Texas. It is dough and cold resistant and has varieties of types, suitable for different weather conditions.

  • How late in the year can you plant Bermuda grass in Texas?

You can plant Bermuda grass in late February/early March, but there are some improved hybrids that you can start with even in the Fall.

  • How do you plant Bermuda grass seed in Texas?

Apply the recommended amount of nitrogen fertilizer to your cultivated soil. Apply it in a typical manner - broadcast 1 pound per 1000 square feet of lawn area at temperatures that exceed 65 degrees F.

  • How much water does Bermuda need in Texas?

It should be watered every three days in the summer and not at all during the winter.

  • When to seed Bermudagrass in Texas?

Early spring is the best time to seed Bermudagrass. 

  • How to overseed Bermudagrass in Texas?

The best time for overseeding is late spring. First, you need to choose an adequate seed, then fix existing problems on the lawn, spread the seed, water, and maintain.

  • Zoysia grass vs Bermuda in Texas

Bermuda grass is more sturdy so it can tolerate heavier traffic, children playing on the lawn regularly, and other stressful conditions. Zoysia, while resilient to stressors like foot traffic and gardening methods that cause trampling damage or compaction of soil in zoysia turf; may not be able to endure this kind of treatment without becoming damaged or unhealthy.


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