Does Your Fish Die For No Apparent Reason?


Fishes are more than just pets. They are our stress busters. You come home after a hard day at work to watch your finned pets swim peacefully inside the fish tank. This releases you from the pent up stress in your body. However, one fine day as you return from office, you see the body of your fish floating lifelessly on the surface of the fish tank. You are shocked and sad and you cannot establish the reason behind the death of your pet dies for no reason 1

Sometimes, you can tell if your fishes are dying and revive them on time. You can learn how to save your dying fish so that you can avoid its death. But most of the time, fishes die for no reason. We may assume that, but there is always a reason behind the death of your favorite swimmers. Let's find out more about them!

Reasons Why There are Unexplained Death in Your Fish Tank

  • New Tank Syndrome
    When you buy a new tank for your fish, it may not be biologically viable for the fish to survive. The well-established tank has beneficial bacterias that convert toxic ammonia and nitrites into non-toxic byproducts. If you add your fish in a new fish tank, the fish will die as the water is intoxicated with toxins.
  • Disease
    You may see white spots forming on your fish or a white thread-like something hanging from the fish. This may be caused by parasites infecting your fish. Eventually, this turns into a disease that kills the fish.
  • Diseased Fish
    Sometimes the new fish that you are going to add to your fish tank may carry diseases that you are not aware of. Be sure to get your fish's health checked before adding it to the tank. They may infect other healthy fishes as well.
  • Temperature
    Every fish has its own range of water temperature that is suitable for its survival. A little change in the temperature can cause great stress to the fish and it leads to disease and even death.
  • Toxic Chemicals
    If you recently had insecticides sprayed in your home, there are chances that the harmful chemicals entered the aquarium environment. All the insecticides are harmful to fish and may lead to disease and death. So when you have exterminators at home, cover the fish tank completely so that no toxic substances find its way into the aquarium.
  • Overfeeding
    This is the number one cause for the death of fishes. Never overfeed your fish. A mature fish needs only a mouthful of food once in a day. Do not succumb to the desires of feeding your finned pet more than once a day.
  • Spoiled food
    You might want to check the expiry date on the pack of the fish food before you buy it. Just like human food products, fish food has an expiry date, beyond which, the food gets infected by molds and bacterias. Once you open a fish food container, finish the content within the next 60 days. After which, it is wise to throw it away as the food might be contaminated.

There is always a reason for fish death. Fish don't just die for no reason. We have to carefully assess the circumstances of the fish's death to understand the reason. A fish may even die after cleaning the fish tank; we can never know. Always be on alert to save your finned friends.

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