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How to Kill Bugs and Grubs in your Lawn

Bugs and grubs are a danger to your beautiful Bermuda grass, eating them and ruining your lovely garden. They live deep in the soil rich in nutrients and eat away the roots of the grasses. Hence, you have to make it a priority to get rid of any grubs and bugs in your lawn to maintain its condition. There are two ways to do this. First is the preventive treatment, second is the killing treatment.

Bugs and Grubs Treatment types – preventive and killing

Preventive treatment needs to be done in the early hatching phases of bugs and grubs. This procedure only works when these organisms have just been born. It does not work on mature ones.

Killing treatment works on all ages of bugs and grubs, be it the new-borns or the mature ones.

Treating agents

Both forms of treatment will require the use of specific chemicals for particular needs. It is best that you stay away from home-made remedies, and opt for a proven quality product in the market.

Most products in the market are advertised stating their effectiveness against bugs and grubs. But that is not the case, especially when concerned with grubs. You will find plenty of chemicals promising to get rid of grub problems; but even after their use, you might see your grasses dying.

Therefore, it is vital you buy a product that does what it promises – kill grubs. You want something that can penetrate deep into the soil and come in contact with the grubs, killing them.

Here are two products that accomplish this intended task:

Dylox 6.2


[image of a pack of Dylox 6.2]

The Dylox 6.2 has a Trichlorfon composition of 6.2%.

Sevin Lawn Insect Granules


[image of Sevin Lawn Insect Granules pack]

The Sevin Lawn has granular carbaryl in a composition of 2.0%.

Bayer Advanced 24 hr Grub Killer Plus


[image of Bayer Advanced Grub Killer Plus]

The Grub Killer Plus contains Trichlorfon in granular form in 9.3% composition.

A product that does not work:

Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer

[image of Spectracide Triazicide Insect Killer]

*The use of the above product does not kill grubs. The result was confirmed in a test conducted by MSU in 2006 for grub control.

When to apply

Late summer or early Fall (Autumn) are the best times for chemical treatment of lawns and gardens against bugs and grubs.

How to apply

It is best to use a garden spreader to apply the chemical on the lawn.

  1. First, fill the spreader with the product.
  2. Then, work around the lawn, covering every surface of the grass. In places that are inaccessible with a spreader, use your hands (wear gloves) to sprinkle the product in that area.
  3. Water the soil with the help of a hose or irrigation system after spreading the product over the whole lawn. It is vital that you wet the ground so that that insecticide seeps deep into the soil and comes in contact with the grubs.

Following the procedure, you should see results within hours.

Some things to take care of while killing bugs and grubs

Apart from buying a quality insecticide, there are some other things you need to keep in mind:

  • Make sure the lawn has a grub problem. Before you go about treating your garden with specific insecticide, make sure that the grubs and bugs are the problem. Dig out a column of soil and check for grubs.
  • Check the ingredients in the product. Ensure the product you are getting works positively for the grub problem.
  • Water the soil after applying the chemical product. It helps in allowing the insecticide to go deep into the earth to kill the grubs and bugs.
  • Use the right amount of product. For getting the best results, you need to use the right amount of product per square feet of the ground. Using less would be ineffective while using more is considered illegal.

This article was a short guide on how to kill bugs and grubs in Bermuda grass. We hope it helped you. Leave your questions and comments below, we will respond as soon as possible.

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