Super Juice: How, Why and When to Apply on your Lawn?

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Super juice is a liquid lawn fertilizer for lawn treatments which you can apply on your lawn during heat/stress times.

You really don't have to worry about overdoing your lawn or burning your lawn. Moreover, you can put it down and get it into your grass specifically when you want to.

Where can I get super juice from?

Super juice is available on amazon. Due to high demand, stocks may be limited.

Good news is you can also make it on your own as a homemade fertilizer (combination of granular humic, liquid lawn and some liquid iron)

To make super juice, you need spray bottles. You could use old/used fertilizer spray bottles. Now, you need to calculate how many of those bottles you need. For example, I need two bottles to cover spraying my front lawn and three bottles to cover my back lawn.

So let’s first see what we need to make super juice for lawn -

Procedure: (based on 20,000 square foot lawn; roughly 1/2 acre)

  • Firstly, we need to mix 3-4 cups of Humic DG with water. Remember to mix it thoroughly. You will observe that the humic part doesn’t dissolve. But the Fulvic acid does dissolve. Humic really has less or no benefit when applied to foliage. It’s the Fulvic acid that helps.Add some warm water. It’ll help humic to dissolve.
  • Now mix 2 cups of liquid iron.
  • Add ½ gallon of liquid lawn fertilizer.

Tip- Add 2 to 5 tablespoons of the Lazer Blue Dye(find here). This shows you spray patterns and that mixture is coming out, but also gives you INSTANT cool blueish color. The dye will turn your lawn a pretty blue green instantly.

Make sure you adjust the ratios based on your size of lawn. Example: If you have 1/4 acres then that’s roughly 10,000 sq feet so you need to cut in half.

Now fill it up in a spray bottle and your super juice is ready.

But we prefer you to use the super juice fertilizer if it's available on Amazon, as all the ingredients are mixed at right proportions.Find the product below!

If it's unavailable and your lawn is going through severe heat conditions, you can use the homemade super juice liquid lawn formula!

Application of super juice on your lawn:

It’s wise to apply super juice in the late morning or early evening for preventing possible slight damage to lawns. However, you could apply it when sun feels hot too! Normal watering works fine. If it’s rain in the forecast, leave the watering.To get a more deep insight on application of super juice, check out our definitive guide on bermuda grass care.

When to apply super juice?

In spring do this every 2-3 weeks to give your lawn a perfect head start. After applying  a slow release granular / organic do it every 3-4 weeks.


Spray bottles usually cover about 3000 sq feet. So for 1/2 an acre you would need about 6.5 bottles of super juice.

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