Super Juice: How, Why and When to Apply on your Lawn?

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Super juice is a lawn fertilizer in liquid form, hence the name “juice”. It is used for lawn treatments and is an all-in-one vitamin treatment for your grass. It is often applied to the lawn during exceptional heat or stressful times for your lawn and garden.

Super Juice, when referring to lawn care, is an organic liquid solution that was specifically created to increase lawn health. Often it is used to dissolve clay deposits, reduce some of the pHs in your lawn’s soil bed and perhaps increase the carbon content in your soil at the same time.

The objective is to improve your lawn’s vitality strength and overall health.

One advantage of a super juice fertilizer is that its nutrients will be absorbed by your lawn’s grass relatively quickly, often in a matter of hours. Initially, this can happen thanks to foliar uptake. This means that contrary to granular slow-release fertilizers, a super juice will get to work more or less immediately.

What’s Super Juice Made of?

The macronutrients in Super Juice will be nitrogen, phosphorous, and potassium in a 7-1-2 ratio. However, Super Juice also contains micronutrients such as copper, iron, magnesium, manganese, sulfur, zinc, as well as sea kelp, and Humic acid.

How Is Super Juice Formulated?

Often super juices are created through the harvesting of decaying organic matter from plants and the microbes involved in decay. Super juice is generally a combination of organic nutrients. Once decaying organic matter is harvested and developed into a juice or the dry soluble basis of a juice, it will contain oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, phosphorous, sulfur, and nitrogen…all necessary components of a super soil bed and flourishing lawn.

How Is Super Juice Used?

Generally speaking, Super Juice will be used as a supplement to a lawn fertilizing program and schedule. It is often paired with a professional-grade fertilizer in granular form that repairs what a soil bed lacks. Should your soil bed lack particular nutrients, and seem weak, a granular professional-grade fertilizer will repair the soil, integrating what is lacking.

Super Juice is then usually employed as a supplement to this kind of fertilizing program, especially if your lawn needs a pick-me-up in the spring. Liquid fertilizers are often used on golf courses as supplements and are known as “spoon-feeding”.

If you have a very small lawn that is quite healthy, Super Juice can be employed as your primary fertilizer. It will usually be sold in a dry powder mix that is mixed and diluted with water and then sprayed with your garden hose.

Remember that granular fertilizers work directly on the soil bed, whereas liquid fertilizers tend to feed the plants.

Why Should I Use Super Juice?

Super Juice is an all-in-one fertilizer that is balanced for lawn care needs. It normally comes in a dry mix that is blended with water and then applied with a hose-end sprayer. The advantages are that it takes a very small quantity to fertilize your lawn. It is easy to store and easy to use. Whether used as a primary or supplemental fertilizer it is convenient and cost-effective.

Where Can I get Super Juice from?

Super juice is available on Amazon. Due to high demand, stocks may be limited.

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The good news is you can also make your own creating a homemade fertilizer. Homemade fertilizer is a blend of granular Humic, liquid lawn, and some liquid iron.

To prepare to make your super juice:

  • You will need spray bottles. You can use old or used fertilizer spray bottles.
  • Now, you need to calculate how many of those bottles you need. For example, I need two bottles to cover spraying my front lawn and three bottles to cover my back lawn.

So let’s see what materials we need to make super juice for the lawn -

Why Use Humic Acid?

This is a material used to amend soils that will improve both sandy or clay-based soils in gardens or lawns. It will generate microbes that are beneficial to the soil immediately. It can also play a role in neutralizing any toxic compounds in soils. This allows both grass and plants to thrive in soil beds where previously they barely survived.

Why Use Liquid Iron?

Liquid iron will contribute to making your grass greener. The addition of liquid iron will increase the chlorophyll in any plant or grass, making it greener without promoting excessive growth.

A Step-by-step Procedure for Making Super Home-made Super Juice:

(The quantities used in this procedure are based on a 20,000 square foot lawn which is roughly 1/2 acre.)

  • Step 1: Mix Humic and Water

To begin, we need to mix 3 to 4 cups of Humic DG with water. Remember to mix it thoroughly. You will observe that the Humic part will not dissolve, but the Fulvic acid will dissolve. Humic offers little or no benefit when it is applied to foliage. It’s the Fulvic acid that helps your lawn. Add some warm water as it’ll help the Humic to dissolve.

  • Step 2: Add Iron

Now mix in 2 cups of liquid iron into the Humic and water.

  • Step 3: Blend in Standard Lawn Fertilizer

Add ½ gallon of liquid lawn fertilizer and stir until blended.

Tip - Add 2 to 5 tablespoons of the Lazer Blue Dye(find here) to your Super Juice mix. This will show you spray patterns and that the mixture is coming out of the spray bottle. However, it also gives you an INSTANTLY cool blueish color. The dye will turn your lawn a pretty shade of blue-green instantly.

Make sure you adjust the ratios based on the size of the lawn. Example: If you have a quarter-acre then that’s roughly 10,000 sq feet so you need to reduce the measurements by half.

Now fill up a spray bottle with the liquid mixture and your super juice is ready to be used.

However, we recommend that you acquire and use the Super Juice Fertilizer for purchase if it's available on Amazon, as all the ingredients are mixed in the correct proportions. Find the product below!

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If commercial Super Juice is unavailable and you are unable to find it elsewhere for purchase, you can use the homemade Super Juice liquid lawn formula particularly if your lawn is stressed by severe heat conditions.

Applying Super Juice to your lawn:

It’s wise to apply Super Juice in the late morning or in the early evening to prevent possible light damage to your lawn. However, you can apply it when with hot direct sun exposure as well! Normal lawn watering works fine. If rain is forecast, forget about watering. To get better insight and details about the application of Super Juice, check out our definitive guide on Bermuda Grass care.

When Should Super Juice Be Applied?

Most people will apply Super Juice in the spring, summer, and fall, changing the ratio depending on the season.

In spring apply Super Juice every 2 to 3 weeks to give your lawn a perfect head start. Once you have applied a slow-release organic granular formula to the soil bed, repeat the application of Super Juice every 3 to 4 weeks.

Spraying of Super Juice

A single spray bottle will usually cover about 3000 sq feet of lawn. So, for half an acre of lawn, you would need approximately 6.5 bottles of Super Juice to fertilize the entire area.

A Final Thought

Super Juice is a wonderful supplemental fertilizer that when used together with a primary slow-release granular fertilizer will make your lawn the envy of your neighborhood. What’s best is that if you are unable to find it for purchase, you can make a homemade version that is just as efficacious in getting you the desired results.


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