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Thermometer for Plants : Top 10 Thermometer and Buying Guide

Jelena Maric
Agricultural Engineer

When temperatures aren’t optimal your plants respond to endure the bad conditions. They will produce and accumulate molecules that help them resist and thrive under sub- or suboptimal conditions. This will change your plants' growth and growth pattern, it can also change their leaves' shape, flowering time, and more. In the case that your plants aren’t able to cope with the extreme temperatures, they can become sick and vulnerable to pathogens which will result in even more loss in growth and damage to the plants. This is something you want to avoid, when plants are in good conditions they are able to respond to environmental and biological affectations but their capacity to defend themself reduces when they are in nonoptimal conditions.  You can monitor your plants and garden temperature to be most aware of when to adjust it so they can be healthy and ready to overcome any challenge. Here’s a top 10 list of items you can find on Amazon to help you in that journey.

Top 10 Thermometers for Your Plants

1. Infrared Thermometer Gun - KIZEN

Useful in the garden and more. A thermometer gun makes it super easy to measure and read out the temperature from surfaces. It might not be the most accurate reading for plant leaves and you should keep plant exposition to the laser to a minimum.

2. Thermal Imaging Camera with 3.2” Color Display

A cool gadget to have around, you can easily scan your garden to expose maximum temperatures. Easy to read and makes monitoring your garden’s temperature a fun task.

3. Humidity and Temperature Pen Sized Meter - Extech 445580

Leave surfaces to take the heat but they also have some tricks for thermal regulation, even if they can be at a slightly higher temperature than the surrounding air, an environmental measurement can give you a good idea of how they are doing.

4. Wireless Thermometer/Hygrometer Water-Resistant for iPhone/Android

You can keep this sensor and logger in the greenhouse or outside among your plants and gather its data with your phone. Perfect if you want to check on them constantly but are too busy because the convenience of wireless connectivity can save you some time.

5. 3 in 1 Thermometer Hygrometer with Clock Large LCD Display - Neoteck

In case your garden is not too far from indoor space, you could consider this wall clock that keeps you aware of the temperature outside. Helpful for you and your plants.

6. Wireless Weather Station with Outdoor Sensor, Weather Forecast, Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity, Wind Gauge and Rain Gauge - Sainlogic

If your backyard is too big and if you enjoy high tech, you should keep this weather station on your list. Read temperature but also many other environmental variables which can give you more insights about your garden’s or plantation conditions.

7. Thermocouple Thermometer, RISEPRO 4 Channel K Type

This device can be a great option for more specialized projects, if you’re running scientific experiments from your garden such as Darwin used to do, you should consider using thermocouples. This device is an accessible option but in case you’re looking for something even more precise, there are several options such as This data logger that can provide very accurate readings but with a much steeper price.

8. Sheboren Battery Powered Sprayer, 1.3 Gallon

Water has a strong absorbance of infrared radiation. If you want to cool down your plants on a hot day you can keep a gentle mist above them.

9. Mist Irrigation Plant Watering System - MIXC

To avoid the effects of hot weather. You can have a permanent installation across your garden and simply open the hose whenever your garden needs to be cooled down.

10. Mini Greenhouse - BRAMBLE 3

In case it’s cold that you need to protect your plants from and you keep them in a pot, you should give it a try to this mini greenhouse. Don’t worry if you have too many plants or if they’re too large for this one, there are many options for bigger portable greenhouses, try a more permanent installation or perhaps you build them upright on top of your garden. Glasshouses can warm up and keep a good deal of warmth and gas, so make sure to open them every once in a while.

Temperature and plants

Biological systems have lower and upper-temperature limits. In the plant kingdom, there’s continuous variability for temperature optimal range. As you probably know and experience, nowadays, we are experiencing strong climatic variability; a sustained increment of global mean temperature, and, in general, unfavorable new rain patterns. These conditions generate pressure in our plants, so it is a good idea to monitor their leaves' temperatures.

Tips Before Buying Thermometer for Your Plants

  • Which factor is most likely to affect your plants, cold or heat?

Low temperatures slow down plant metabolism. Once chill or cold, plant cellular membranes turn rigid so intercellular and intracellular interchanges happen at a slower rate. On the other hand, under supraoptimal temperatures, the membranes will become too fluid to offer any protection to the cells. Enzymes, which make biological processes happen at the right speed,  are also affected, they tend to have very small temperature ranges for optimal functioning. You should take special notice of your plants if your garden can experience extreme temperatures, such as recurrent heatwaves, remember that is not necessarily how extreme seasons can be, but within-season extremes and variability,

  • Do you keep your garden as a hobby?

In case you are gardening as a recreational activity then you will want your plants to be in great health, that way they will flourish in time and you will enjoy their full beauty. This is why you should keep a good eye on the temperature, preventing damage by harsh weather conditions, overheating, or chilling is crucial, plants will regulate their processes to endure bad conditions, but the results aren’t usually growth or flowering, but the accumulation of protective molecules.

  • Are you producing edible vegetables or flowers?

In the case your garden’s harvests are part of your diet or income you want to make sure that the production is at full capacity and harvest is abundant, constant and on time. Changes in temperature conditions can affect plants to a point that reduces their productivity, flowering times and fruit loading. It is crucial to monitor their temperature to make sure that they are always in the optimal range.

  • Use your budget as a guide

Some of the items here are very nice and high-tech but make sure to buy the things you really need. The size of your garden is fundamental, no need to set up a large and complex installation if your garden is small and can be maintained with portable installations or devices. Many devices are affordable, they will help you perform all the measurements to love your garden and keep it healthy.

  • Are you a fan of exotic plants?

If you happen to keep exotic plants, meaning that are originally from a different region, you should remember that they need to cope and resist your region’s climate, which is new for them. The new weather conditions, though not necessarily extreme, can be difficult for them. In case your plants were brought from another region, pay special attention to their conditions as they might need more care than local plants.

Summary of Temperature and Plants

Whether it is too low or too high, temperature extremes aren’t your plant's friends, making sure they are at the right temperature is important to keep them happy. Remember, it’s not about the season, seasons are naturally occurring and local plants will manage perfectly and actually require seasons to successfully complete their life cycles. Within season variations from the mean weather are the problem, make sure to be prepared to monitor them and adjust conditions so that your plants and garden enjoy favorable conditions.

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